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... and then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice.
It was about being REAL, AUTHENTIC.
Having boundaries. Honoring my space first.
Others second.
And in this space of self-care being nice just happened, it flowed not motivated by fear but by love
— unknown
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Your wondering who the heck is JESS? She is the founder, visionary, color addict, statement jewelry obsessed, PASSIONATE, everyday girl behind Obviously Chic.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, reading months old fashion magazines about far away places, Jess dreamed of one day seeing women like her in their everyday lives being just as inspiring & hip as the girls who were living in the beautiful cities of these magazines.

She promised herself then that she would one day create something for the "Everyday Girl" 

In her late 20's her vision came to life whens she founded, Obviously Chic. A stopping place for women to feel beautiful in their skin, a brand that stands for more than just affordable & beautiful clothing-- but a place that has a story & a purpose that somehow is relatable to your own.

Jess, lives to INSPIRE. She didn't start the brand for wealth & fame but merely to inspire women everywhere to follow their hearts, be passionate about their dreams & no matter what stand up for kindness, empowerment & love while continuing to be YOU- the inspiring " Everyday Girl"

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